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There is no set rule when a boiler replacement should be carried out. Most should last up to 15 years but can go even longer if they are of good quality and well maintained.

There are, however, some signs to look out for that may mean your boiler is nearing the end of its life.

  • Your energy usage (and bills) are increasing – a boiler’s efficiency decreases as it ages, leading to more expensive bills.
  • The blue flame has turned yellow – this could suggest a serious problem involving carbon monoxide. Contact us immediately if this happens.
  • The boiler is leaking – this does not necessarily indicate that the boiler needs replacing. Still, you should contact an engineer quickly to correct the leak and avoid any further damage or issues.
  • Your radiators are taking longer to heat up – this can indicate a smaller component problem but is often a sign that your boiler is coming to the end of its usable life.
  • The boiler gives off a bad smell – a bad smell can indicate a dangerous boiler. While carbon monoxide is odourless, a bad-smelling boiler can be the sign of a gas leak. If this happens, turn off your boiler immediately and contact the Gas Emergency Services0800 111 999.
  • Your boiler is not an ‘A grade’ – lower graded boilers are less efficient and can cost you more money. For example, with a G-rated boiler, for every £1 you spend you could be wasting 30p on lost energy. If you replace your boiler with a more efficient version, you could save up to £300 a year!
  • Replacement parts are difficult to source – older boilers are more challenging to repair as the parts are often no longer available. If you are starting to find this problem, it is best to replace your boiler, mainly to avoid some of the issues above!

How much does boiler replacement cost?

The cost of a new boiler depends on several factors, including the size of your property and the type and make of boiler.

Installation costs will also vary, depending on your current boiler and heating system, any additional building works or parts required and the type of boiler to be installed.

We will work with you to understand your heating and hot water requirements and budget to provide you with the most suitable boiler replacement possible.

If you need a boiler replacement, please call us today on 01502 719726.