How to make your plumbing and heating more efficient

Energy efficiency and reducing utility bills is something that many people are thinking about at the moment. You may have already looked at other ways of making your home more energy efficient, but have you considered that making changes in your plumbing and heating systems could also help? Here are a few ways that you can make your plumbing and heating more efficient and potentially save costs:

  1. Install low flow tap aerators. These can reduce the water output whilst still retaining water pressure. This could reduce water consumption by up to 30% annually.
  2. Replace older toilets with a new low flow or dual flush version. Toilets are one of the largest water consumers in a home and the new low-flow models can reduce consumption by up to 60%.
  3. Replace shower heads with newer energy efficient versions, that will maintain water pressure whilst reducing water usage.
  4. Ensure your pipes are protected and insulated. We can advise on the best ways to do this.
  5. Consider changing your boiler for a newer high efficiency/condensing model. If your boiler is over 10 years old, installing a new boiler will quickly pay for itself in the savings on energy bills.
  6. Fit thermostatic valves to radiators, to keep all rooms at the required temperature. If some rooms are not used for long periods of time, turn off or turn down the radiators.
  7. Turn your thermostat by 1oC. This can save you money whilst still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.
  8. Maintain your boiler with an annual service, which can also help to prevent breakdowns and repairs.
  9. Consider upgrading your dishwasher and washing machine. Energy efficient models are not only more efficient, but many will also provide better cleaning results.
  10. Have a home inspection for plumbing issues. This can help to identify hidden leaks, which will save you money if repaired.

Need some more advice? We are independent and can advise on the right plumbing and heating systems to suit your budget and heating and hot water needs. If you are also considering a renewable heating system, we can advise on the options available. Please get in touch with us for a no obligation conversation.